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Q: Impact factor?

A: Impact factor in 2022 is 1.683 (CNKI).


Q: How long can the manuscript be included by EI?

A: EI will be included in about 70 days after the official publication.


Q: How to contribute?

A: Only submissions through online system are accepted, do not submit the paper by email.


Q: Can I appeal after rejection? Can I submit it again? Is it necessary to pay the review fee? Is it the original draft number?

A: Yes. For the re-submission, experts' opinions on the external review of the original manuscript should be uploaded. If authors do not accept the opinion of peer review, The author can appeal once, and the corresponding explanation is needed; If a manuscript is rejected and submitted again, it will be treated as a new submission, and the manuscript number will be reassigned and the manuscript fee will be paid. It should be noted that when submitting the manuscript again, the words "revise the manuscript" and the number of the original manuscript should be marked at the back of the manuscript title.


Q: Review system?

A: The manuscript can only be accepted after passing the final examination of the chief editor after at least two valid expert opinions of external examination.


Q: Review cycle, publication cycle?

A: The average cycle of preliminary review, external review and final review is 2 months, and the publication cycle (from receipt to paper publication) is 6-8 months.


Q: Invoice for trial fee and layout fee?

A: The trial fee and layout fee will be invoiced. Because of the large amount of remittance, the financial staff will check the account every month, so the invoice will usually be received in 1 months after the remittance. Remittance must be marked with draft number for inquiry.


Q: Which editor is in charge of my manuscript? Contact information?

A: Please look at the ending number of the trial fee or the page fee, ending 1 Liu Junjie, ending 2 Zhai Yuanzheng, ending 3 Xu Wenying, ending 5 Wang Hongkun, ending 6 Liu Yanrong, ending 7 Fu Ning, ending 8 Liu Xingwang.


022-58168883 (Xu WenyingFu Ning)

022-58168884 (Liu YanrongWang Hongkun)

022-58168885 (Zhai YuanzhengLiu Xingwang)

022-58168520 (Wu Di)

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