Guide for Submission

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Welcome to the online guide for authors system for Infrared and Laser Engineering. This system will provide a general solvent for submission

How to Prepare Your Manuscript

Only Chinese manuscripts are accepted. Acceptable manuscript file types include Word only. PDF is acceptable for the review process only and a source Word is required for production. The Manuscript, including the abstract(need two version: Chinese and English), references, and captions. It should be carefully proofread by the author. Before submission, all authors' signatures and seals of the confidentiality review certificate and copyright transfer agreement should be prepared, and the electronic version should be uploaded in the submission system, and the original copy should be mailed to the editorial department after acceptance. Authors must abide by the academic ethics code, do not submit more than one paper, prevent leakage, plagiarism and other academic misconduct.

Where to Submit Your Manuscript

The journal has an online manuscript submission system, located at Author submission is available through a link after you successfully log in. Firstly, please register and fill out your detailed contact information including ID number, telphone number, bank account, email, corresponding address, diploma, title and your research field. Especially for your ID number, you must fill it out because we need it to process your remuneration once your paper is accepted. After registering and submitting information, you may check on the status of your manuscript throughout the peer review process.

Manuscripts must conform to the following:

The title should be concise and accurately summarized the main idea of the text with no more than 20 words.The Chinese abstract should be more than 400 words, and the English abstract should be written correspond with it, both of which should contain four elements: purpose, method, result and conclusion, among which there should be data and quantitative things. English abstract should be written in the third person, with simple sentence structure, smooth sentences and clear meaning.

Please refer to for the Chinese library classification number.

keywords: 4-6 keywords are required, which should reflect the keynote of the paper.

Fund projects and author profiles should be written at the footer of the article. Please specify the fund name and approval number. The author introduction format is as follows: name, gender, title, educational background, research direction, Email.

Figures, tables, and formulas are numbered in chronological order in the text and placed side by side in the text (not in the introduction). Each drawing and table shall have a title in Chinese and English, the words and text of the drawing and table shall be written in English and marked with (a), (b), (c) etc. Specially: The total number of figures and tables in this paper should not exceed 10. For the coordinate chart: "physical quantities, symbols and units specified by physical quantities" must be marked in horizontal and vertical coordinates, which can be omitted only when it is not necessary to indicate (dimensionless, etc.).

15-20 references are appropriate, requiring more than half of the literature in the past two years, Chinese and English (foreign literature is only written in English), in the full text should be marked in accordance with the serial number.

The general format of references is as follows:

[1] Park S E, Nauven V, Kopanski J J, et al. Comparison of scanning capacitance microscopy and scanning Kelvin probe microscopy in determining two-dimensional doping profiles of Si homostructures[J]. J Vac Sci Technol B, 2006, 24(1): 404-407.

Duplicate checking

According to the national requirements for journal quality management, we should strengthen the prevention of academic misconduct risk and improve the work of checking and filling gaps in the construction standard of academic misconduct system. It is suggested that all authors should check and re-check their papers through the official website of this website before submitting their papers. Authors can voluntarily use wanfang testing system of our site for pre-check and re-test. Testing link address:

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